Ride like a real cow boy

Horse riding is a wonderful sport, which enables you to create a real relationship with your horse. But it is also a difficult sport, which calls for rigor and precision. Yet, it wins an increasing number of fans. That is why we offer you a blog which is entirely dedicated to the world of horse riding. Have a nice visit !


As horse riding lovers, we wanted to create a blog just like us, which shows our passion for horses : you will especially be able to chat on our online forum with thousands of other horse riders, share your experiences and benefit from advice from horse riding professionals.


Because the equestrian world is constantly changing, and because we know sometimes it may be difficult to follow the actuality, we keep you informed of the latest news of the horse riding world : we update our news section everyday, to enable you to not miss kind of information.

Riding horses

Horse riding is a technical and difficult sport, and it is not always easy to improve yourself. That is why we provide you many advice, tips and tricks to improve your way of riding and intensify your relationship with your horse.


Horse riding calls for compulsory stuff, which you have to buy before starting to ride. As a rider, you will especially need a pair of trousers which is perfectly appropriate for practising horse riding : they are elasticized and have a reinforced knee area, to avoid the frictions. You will also need some boots entirely dedicated to horse riding, to put your feet correctly in your stirrups. Wear quality gloves to prevent any risk of blister on your fingers. For your horse, you should invest money into a good saddle, which perfectly suits his morphology to not wound him. Do not hesitate to call upon a saddle fitter if you do not know which saddle to choose. Do not forget the grooming kit, to take care of your horse before and after work. Find on our blog all the good deals to buy your horse riding equipment cheaper.